ohrwürmer 5.0

Und mal wieder die Songs, die mich den ganzen November lang begleitet haben
... und natürlich auch beim Lesen ;)

Shouldn't Come Back - Demi Lovato
->  Hab ich heute zufällig  gehört und seitdem geht dieser Song mir nicht mehr aus dem Ohr. Ich hätte auch nicht gedacht, dass der Song von Demi ist...

Ausschnitt :
Maybe you shouldn't come back
Maybe you shouldn't come back to me
Tired of being so sad
Tired of getting so mad, baby
Stop right now
You'll only let me down, oh oh
Maybe you shouldn't come back
Maybe you shouldn't come back to me

Demons - Imagine dragons
-> So ein schöner Song ....

Ausschnitt :
Are all made of gold
When your dreams all fail
And the ones we hail
Are the worst of all
And the blood's run stale 

Show Me Love (America) - The Wanted
-> Die aktuelle Single vom neuen Album & total traurig.

Ausschnitt :
Could've shown you America
All the bright lights of the universe
Could have reached, the highest heights
A different place, a different life
Remember that night underneath the stars
For a minute I thought the world was ours

Everybody's Got Somebody But Me - Kina Grannis (Cover)
-> Bei meiner Lieblingsyoutubekünstlerin gefunden. Im Original von Hunter Hayes feat. Jason Mraz

Ausschnitt :
Well I don't know how I landed on this movie set
It's like a casting call for 'Romeo and Juliet'
I never would have noticed if we'd never met
But everybody's got somebody but me

What Doesn't Kill You - Jake Bugg
-> Seine Songs sind einfach faszinierend

Ausschnitt :
What doesn’t kill ya
What doesn’t hurt
Sometimes you feel you’re up against the world
What doesn’t kill ya
What doesn’t break
This life it seems
To bring you to your knees
You try you bleed then finally you breathe

In The Shadows Tonight - Megan & Liz
-> Ein schöner Song.

Ausschnitt :
Follow the lights that’s how it goes
But what about the shadows?
They hide the secrets that no one knows
I’m feeling scared for what I see
Giving it all trusting me
So ill just breathe
In a world of same
In a world of sunshine
I’ll hide in the shadows tonight

alles liebe
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